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From seagrass planting and fish tagging to working with coastal communities, we're recovering the health of our seas in the UK and abroad.

Seagrass, Solent - 35442 - Theo Vickers

Seagrass restoration

We're working to protect and recover seagrass meadows in UK seas, a vital habitat for animals and a key tool in the fight to combat climate change.

Native oyster

Reintroducing oysters

Native oysters provide a wealth of ecosystem services but have seen a global decline of approximately 85%. We're working to restore and protect oyster reefs as part of projects in the Firth of Forth and Dornoch Firth.

Hawksbill and Green turtle in the Caribbean UKOTs

Protecting turtles projects

Marine turtles have been around for millions of years, covering great distances in our ocean and playing a crucial role in marine and coastal ecosystems.

Fucoid seaweed Georgie Bull

UK ocean projects

There are currently 371 Marine Protected Areas covering 38% of UK seas. We're working to make sure these are effective in recovering the ocean's health.

Shallow waters in summertime in the Hebrides on the West coast of Scotland Joost Van Uffelen

Save Scottish Seas

We’re proud to have been leading the Save Scottish Seas project, securing marine conservation wins in Scotland since 2006.


Making Welsh Marine Protected Areas matter

With half of Welsh waters having some form of legal protection they should be in a healthy state, but this isn't the case.

Fire coral overtaking soft coral

Projects in the UK Overseas Territories

The 14 UK Overseas Territories are a fascinating and diverse set of islands. Through various projects, we're supporting our UKOT partners in the protection and management of their fragile environments and species.

Shoal of Tuna in the Mediterranean Sea Guido Montaldo

FISH INTEL project

We're working with 11 other partners on a major EU-funded project to learn more about fish behaviour.

Fish boat heading out to sea Hastings Sue Ranger

Agents of Change

The Agents of Change project works alongside coastal communities to make Marine Protected Areas matter.

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