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The seas capture more carbon than trees. Help the ocean combat the climate crisis.

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A healthy ocean is crucial to the health of the planet

Our ocean is a potential hero in the fight against climate change. When healthy, it can capture nearly a third of our carbon emissions.

Yet our seas are becoming more polluted, precious habitats are being destroyed and human activity is damaging the ocean's ability to combat the climate crisis.

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We're passionate about the health of our ocean. Will you support us?

Your support will be vital to our efforts to:

Clean up our seas

Pollution is one of the five main drivers of the current biodiversity crisis. From single use plastics to microfibres, wet wipes to forever chemicals.

If we don’t act, our ocean will be poisoned by pollution – taking marine life and our planet’s health with it.

Protect marine life

93% of global fish stocks are fully or over-exploited. Less than 1% of our seas are well-managed. And 40% of marine mammals are currently under threat.

We need to ensure our seafood comes from sustainable sources and bring in policies to maintain healthy fish stocks and a healthy ocean.

Combat the climate crisis

In the UK alone, we have destroyed 90% of our seagrass beds. These important plants, once common around our shores, absorb carbon faster than the rainforests.

The more we continue to damage our ocean and its inhabitants, the less able we are to tackle the climate crisis.

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