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We work tirelessly to protect our ocean for the future and your membership contribution helps determine the scale and scope of our efforts. With your continuous support, we can continue to fund vital marine conservation projects which will preserve the health of our oceans for generations to come.

Restoring Seagrass

By using innovative solutions to safeguard ocean biodiversity, we've collectively given space for rewilding to take place. We’re working with local communities to protect the seabed. In the south of England, our project has driven a 212% increase in seagrass cover following the installation of protective measures, benefitting wildlife, people, and planet.

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Seagrass Isle Of Wight

Credit: Laura McConnell

Reintroducing Oysters

We’re reintroducing native oysters to Scottish seas. Oysters play a vital role in supporting ocean recovery, forming reefs which provide habitat for marine life, and filtering up to 200 litres of water per day. With an 85% global decline in oyster numbers, we’re working to reverse this trend through pioneering projects.

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Restoration Forth Oysters - Emmy and Caitlin

Credit: Maverick Photo Agency

Reducing ocean sewage

With sewage-free seas we can turn the tide on poor water quality and achieve ocean recovery. We’ve taken the UK Government to the High Court to ensure our seas are properly protected from sewage pollution, safeguarding vital habitats and species. We work to ensure clean seas for wildlife, people, and planet.

Discover all about our Stop Sewage Pollution campaign

Good Law Project, High Court - Billy Barraclough

Credit: Billy Barraclough

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By supporting our causes month on month, you boost the impact you have as an integral part in bringing about massive change to our ocean. Your continuous support allow us to set our sights on more ambitious goals. By providing us with a reliable source of income, we can fund larger-scaled projects that will make a greater difference to the marine landscape and its inhabitants.

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